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Haulmark Cargo Trailers

Race Car Trailers Escape Package
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cargo trailers 3 Kodiak
cargo trailers 3 Kodiak LS
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cargo trailers 6 V-Nose Flat Top
cargo trailers 11 Airstar SnowTow
cargo trailers 11 SnowTow
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Pace Cargo Trailers

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cargo trailers 12 5' & 6' Wide
cargo trailers 12 7'  Wide
cargo trailers 12 8'  Wide
cargo trailers 13 Aerosport
cargo trailers 13 PaceAire
cargo trailers 14 Conquest
cargo trailers 14 Shadow
cargo trailers 14 Legacy
cargo trailers 14 Explorer & GS
cargo trailers 14 Explorer GLS

cargo trailers 11 Single Trailer
cargo trailers 12 Dual Trailer
cargo trailers 12 Combo Trailer


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Aerodynamically designed for superior towing, the V-Nose Flat Top also has sleek racer look at an economical price.
Standards include a 3' v-nose, chrome front nose, 32" curbside door, 3/8" plywood walls, 3/4" plywood floor, non-powered roof vent, aluminum fender flares, ATP stoneguard, two 12V dome lights with switch and six D-rings.


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Pingle Chrome Wheel Chocl

Sidewall Vents

ATP or Checkerboard Floor

Aluminum Interior Walls

Aluminum Wheels

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